Priscilla MacMillan's first cousin, David C Davenport & his school mate

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Clark Clifford's aunt, Marguerite Bowman McAdams Hasty.....

Priscilla and Marina escorted by Davenport friend in Dec., 1964(Priscilla's CIA cousin David Davenport had recently moves to Alaska, making his intense interest in Marina all the more curious.Image removed.
...Dave Davenport probably introduced Fredrika to Jerome Hastings. Fredrika's sister Helen was the wife of Eisenhower's OSS leader, Votichenko and her middle name was Davenport. BTW, Dave Davenport worked out the logistics and played host on the Santa Fe leg of this sequester of Marina despite the impediment of having moved to Anchorage, AK in March, 1964 after resigning from his V.P. position at the First National Bank of Santa Fe. A PAW article on his Princeton class of '43 reported that he had survived the Anchorage earthquake after taking a position as V.P. of the new Alaska State Development Corp., and his '43 classmate, Dr. Jesse Rodman "Rod" Wilson, Jr. was Davenport's Anchorage landlord.

Hasty, AKA Hastings is described in 1940 Census as housemate of Marguerite.
As some may be aware, the article above was published in Santa Fe, NM in 1966, and soon after, Jerome Allen Hasty published a legal notice in a Sante Fe newspaper announcing his petition to legally change his name to Jerome Allen Hastings. David Davenport mentioned in the above article was Priscilla Johnson's first cousing and was described in a 2001 bookl published by Sam Ballen as a "former CIA man who became disillusioned."

In 1967, now under the name Jerome Allen Hastings, Jerome married Fredrika Tuttle Blair, daughter of former CPA member and Hollywood directior Frank Tuttle, described in the early 1950's as a man who turned in many of his Hollywood colleagues, to the HUCA, naming them as former or current CPA members.....