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What kind of mistakes occur when writing an essay?

In the question of how to write an essay, some mistakes arise. Let's find out what the main mistakes are:

Grammatical and punctuation errors. Any mistakes, especially in school, immediately cross out the entire essayusa reviews. After all, they indicate a lack of attentiveness and lack of checking of the work.
Logical errors. The work should be built logically correctly, and even in it should be absent contradictions. Moreover, the thesis should not change during the text.
Repetition of ideas. Do not constantly repeat the same thing, even in different words. The exception is the restatement of the thesis in the conclusion.
Plagiarism. It is strictly forbidden. You can not take someone else's work and pass it off as your own. Such work may be disqualified.
Philosophizing, flow of ideas. Although the essay is a free discourse, it has its own structure. The text is built on it. If you write a fragment of thoughts, such work will be of poor quality.
Jokes. They are inappropriate in this case. The essay tests many skills, but definitely not a sense of humor.
Politics and religion. They can be touched upon only when necessary. So, in order to get to work, you should not touch these topics in the essay, unless the work is with one of these spheres. In school exams, it will be appropriate to reason about these topics when asked the appropriate question.
Inappropriate vocabulary. No slang expressions or non-normative expressions. They are forbidden. Try to keep a calm style.
The mistakes mentioned above are very common. You must be very careful to avoid them

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